Overview Block Two

In total, you’ll receive 15+ hours of exclusive online horror gaming events as well as all the documentary episodes (five hours total) with your name in the credits, as well as an exclusive poster, t-shirt, and other physical rewards (tier dependent) at the end of the project.

Plus, when you join TerrorBytes you’ll receive a free copy of First Person Shooter, our critically acclaimed 4-hour exploration of FPS games (all tiers) and a complimentary six-month pass to Darkness Unlimited, our Horror membership platform, providing an additional 35+ hours of horror content (Digital Premium tier and above).  

Altogether, you’ll receive 19+ hours of horror gaming entertainment plus 40 hours additional content (excludes digital only tier). Don’t miss out!

TerrorBytes: The Evolution of Horror Gaming

From the creators of the critically-acclaimed In Search of Darkness trilogy and First Person Shooter, it’s time to enter a whole new world of horror…  TerrorBytes!

In this new five-part episodic documentary (five hours total), we will explore and celebrate the rich history of horror gaming, taking you behind-the-scenes with the developers, artists, composers, and other experts who crafted some of the scariest games of all time.