Overview Block Three

Our growing cast includes legendary Silent Hill composer & producer Akira Yamaoka, Dead by Daylight co-directors Mathieu Coté and Dave Richard, Sierra Online co-founders Roberta Williams (Writer/Designer: Phantasmagoria) and Ken Williams (Programmer: Mystery House), as well as Dave Szymanski (Creator: Iron Lung, Dusk) and Hifumi Kōno (Director: Clock Tower, Clock Tower: The First Fear).

Joining them are Hubert Chardot (Writer: Alone in the Dark, Alone in the Dark 2; Scenario Design: Alone in the Dark 3), Thomas Grip (Co-Founder: Frictional Games; Creative Director: Penumbra and Amnesia series, Soma), Airdorf (Creator: FAITH: The Unholy Trinity), John Romero (Programmer/Designer: DOOM), and many more (check out the cast section for the full list)

We’re still adding new names, and look forward to sharing casting news with pre-order customers during our regular updates.