Overview Block Five

Delve Deeper With Our Vidcast

Throughout production of TerrorBytes, we’ll host a variety of 60-minute long horror gaming vidcasts that anyone who purchased the series during the pre-sale can attend. 

Each one will cover a topic from the weird and wonderful world of horror gaming and feature at least one special guest: game developers, creators, industry experts and more will all feature in these interactive and community driven discussions.

Proposed topics include:

Designing a Killer: What goes into making a monster? As horror games have terrified us with everything from boss battles to creepy hidden NPCs, we investigate and break down what goes into the creation of these nightmare creatures.

Crafting tension: How do you structure a level for a horror game? What about mechanics and movement? And how do these things craft tension? Where horror in other mediums take us on guided pathways through crafted scares, how does that translate when the player has control and input over the events of the game? In this discussion we explore these questions and more.

Scary Stories: In this discussion we’ll be looking at some of the incredible narratives in horror games, examining the lore, the way they are constructed, their branching storytelling techniques and sharing some of our favourite stories, fun theories and deep-cut analysis on gaming's most terrifying tales.

As backers, you will also get the chance to suggest and vote on topics for the vidcasts, with the winning theme being added to our planned line-up.

Live Backer Update Events

It is part of our mission at CREATORVC to provide collaborative experiences for our backers, and TerrorBytes is no exception. We are already working directly with the Horror Gaming fanbase and expect to continue this process throughout production. 

One way we do this is through our live backer updates, where we as a production team can communicate how the project is going, answer your questions about what we’re doing, and give insights into the project for which you can then provide feedback.

Collectible Merchandise

In addition to the year-long celebration of horror gaming and the documentary, we also have a wide range of high-quality merchandise. The Standard (Blu-ray) tier includes everything except the t-shirt and mouse mat, which are in the Deluxe tier (and above):